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Advanced WIFI marketing solutions for restaurants...

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about us.

Apnawifi is a technology company offering the most advanced WiFi marketing platform available in the market.
We combine IT and Marketing to re-engage with current customers and attract new customers with similar interests. 

Our clients build relationships with their visitors and market to them based on their consumer behaviour, geographical location and interests.

Our technology enables our clients to target their audiences across all digital mediums and platforms, to create high impact ad campaigns with measurable ROI.


Our focus.

We understand restaurants marketing requirements and provide reliable, smart and plug & play platform to engage visitors at best level.
Customers & Data Ownership

Knowing and reaching customers is a big challenge for restaurants. Apnawifi makes a database of your customers for you which is used for marketing, promotion, discounts etc... You will be the owner of your data!!!

Social media

Who to target on social media is not an easy activity. Apnawifi enables restaurant owners to create specific segments of their customers on the bases of their interest or even choice of their dining...


Known dataset of target audiences makes marketing simple, quick and easy. Our platform provides an option to market via sms, email, facebook and other platforms with exact parameters in mind.


Using Apnawifi platform, you have a database of your visitors, now its the time to re-engage them by discounts, loyalty programs & gift cards, coupons, feedback and reviews..


Neve in detail

We understand your requirements and let you customize Neve however you wish:

Visitors & Data

  • Capture segmented data through a captive WiFi portal

  • Collect key demographic data and behavioral insight via a captive login portal to help better understand visitor base and build detailed visitor profiles.

  • Ability to show them your products, services, offers, promotions or simply information related to your business.

  • Redirect visitors to your latest loyalty schemes and incentivize them with the latest offers via a customized user access journey.

  • Identify, Track and Follow Up Your Important Customers


Targeted Marketing

  • A centralized, enterprise-class reporting dashboard means understanding the data collected such as name, number, city and contact information is quick and simple.
  • Send relevant content based on your customer’s interests, demographics, and location.
  • Create segmented lists of all your important customers’ follow up with these customers to know why they haven’t purchased from you in a long time.

Automated Campaigns

  • Create, organise and orchestrate automated messaging and see measurable results.
  • Every time a customer connects to your guest WiFi, this presents a unique opportunity for you to redirect them to a specific online landing page.

  • Engage customer to leave google review effortlessly

  • Set-up automatic communications that trigger when a loyal customer hasn’t returned in a specified number of days.

Multi-Platforms Marketing

  • Target visitors with facebook pixel data
  • Run automated marketing campaign for emails from apnawifi dashboard
  • Engage users via whatsapp business account using our marketing platform

  • Options for login via sms, facebook, email and other social media platforms


Why Select Us?

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Marketing strategy can be incredibly simple or you can have multiple marketing strategies at once all related to your guest WiFi

Best Targeted

Guest wifi provides verified social media profiles, emails and phone numbers. It opens doors for directly communicating to visitors.

Plug & Play

Apnawifi delivers full cloud based solution. Plug Access point to internet and start connecting visitors instantly. 

Professional Guest

As soon as a visitor gain access your WiFi, they are greeted with a branded page which is easy to customise. It features a promotion, new offers, or any message.


Our login page is fully responsive and customisable for logos, text and banners. It works perfectly with all models of phones and screens. 

Fully Managed
Cloud Based

Apnawifi’s infrastructure is built upon secure cloud, all data is stored in secure cloud database with fully automated backups.


We provide 24/7 dedicated support. Whether for on-site, technical, or remote support, we are here to ensure the operations running smoothly.


With Apnawifi dashboard, you can see status and states of your restaurant from anywhere via internet. It provides detailed and visual information about visitors.

No Tech Knowledge

Our philosophy is “We do it all for you”. Apnawifi services is Plug the Access Point and start using it. You do not need to have any technical skills or staff required. 

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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Call us 24/7. We are there for your support

About us

Advanced WIFI marketing solutions for restaurants...

Where to find us

NSTP H-12 NUST, Islamabad

Contact Us

Queries & Support contact@apnawifi.com

Here for you

Call us 24/7. We are there for your support

About us

Advanced WIFI marketing solutions for restaurants...

Where to find us

NSTP H-12 NUST, Islamabad

Contact Us

Queries & Support contact@apnawifi.com